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Dec 9, 2013 11:00pm PST
. it will rival the funeral for winston churchill. in addition, president obama, george w. bush, president clinton and president carter will be there. raul castro will be there. will mandela's message of forgiveness resonate? and a time crunch of epic proportions, will the venue be safe? first on the security front. joe worked on security for pope john paul's funeral. what could go wrong? but a lot could go wrong. >> yeah, south africa's not entirely a safe place. you have a large somali community there, with connections to shabaab. monitoring these will not be easy. you have the problem of a lot of weapons coming through africa, central african republic, libya and the rest of it. so there is the potential danger to secure all these people. >> the u.s. delegation a small part of the crowd. how much control can the u.s. secret service have, realistically? >> well, it's entirely up to the host government. the south african government has hosted u.s. presidential visits in the past. they do a good job. but, again, it's a very difficult situation. you have 100 heads of state means you have 100
Dec 2, 2013 7:00pm PST
this under george w. bush and barack obama. this -- >> this -- >> how do you demonstrate strength with a regime with nuclear devices? what are you going to do? strength sounds good but it's -- >> the best way to get rid of this regime, which is just pure evil, the most evil regime on earth and of the last century is going to be that china has to decide they want north korea to fall. unfortunately the increasing cold war tension between the united states and china will make china cling to north korea over more and give the regime more of an insurance policy. >> i just feel for the family of this man. >> is there any encouragement that in the statement there was something about that if released to the united states, he would speak the truth? were they showing their hand there? governor richardson? >> no. i -- this is a pattern of the north koreans. they make some of these prisoners do confessions. they did it with kenneth bay. they've done it with mr. newman. this is par for the course. they basically feel they have enormous leverage over you. and you know, you're in a north korean
Dec 9, 2013 7:00pm PST
presidents. former president george w. bush, secretary clinton all aboard air force one with president and mrs. obama. i want to talk about security altogether. that whole group on air force one. do they all hang out together? >> actually they did, anderson. we're told the bushes and obamas and secretary clinton were in the private conference room around the table hanging out and actually exchanging stories about their encounters with nelson mandela. would have been a fascinating conversation because between the three contingants there having these experiences with mandela that spanned three administrations and then after that, you know how it is on a long haul flight, even if you like the person you're traveling with, you need a little down time and alone time. the obamas retired to their cabin and the bushes took the medical office right behind their cabin and secretary clinton retired to the senior staff cabin. >> and president clinton, former president carter, they're coming separately on different flights. so many world leaders, very interesting not only from a security standpoint
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3